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Live and Loud! began as a fortnightly internet radio show taking old unreleased live concert recordings I could find and working to repair and improve them - fixing tape hiss, noise, tape drop out, clicks, speed variations, defects - before improving the sound quality by EQing the sound to bring out the instruments as clearly as possible. These are now made directly available to download for free to reach as many fans of the music as possible.

Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night - or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience.

Do your ears a favour and listen on headphones or good speakers to get most benefit - laptop speakers will always sound pretty poor by comparison.

All shows still available are listed, including a link to download the remastered show for free.

These are great fun to listen to but DO NOT replace original releases - support these artists and buy their music.
There is nothing here you can go and buy in a regular record store here. If a gig is made available as a regular release, then it will be removed.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Show 103 - Bob Marley - The Boarding House San Francisco - 7 July 1975

This week, its rather hot in the UK so a good time for some Bob Marley!  This was a show originally from FM radio in the USA. The source I was working on had already had the intro taken off and was at the wrong speed slightly - I then came across a slightly better quality recording with the intro on it with speed correction done and reduced hum. So I started again, using that one.

There were a couple of flaws in the recording which I've tidied up as best I could, then removed the original radio announcer who talks over the start. Then it was out with the EQ to bring out the instruments and voices more clearly as per usual. Some of the tracks have low level distorted bass on them - normally I scrap anything with distortion but it doesn't affect every track and the rest of the gig is such a great performance it would be a shame to not let it out there.

Despite that the finished result is a nice, clear stereo recording which sounds great overall now. Especially on a hot sunny day! The show is available to download here.

Trenchtown Rock
Burnin' and Lootin'
Midnight Ravers
Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
Rebel Music
No Woman, No Cry
Kinky Reggae 
Stir It Up
Lively Up Yourself
Get Up, Stand Up

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Show 102 - Howard Jones - Paris Theatre London - 5 Oct 1983

Some time back I was asked if I could find an early Howard Jones recording - it took a while but I finally found some and this was the earliest. Someone had already worked on this and to be honest it sounded pretty bad - far too loud, noise pushed up too and the sound balance was lopsided! So I spent some time fixing the sound balance, removing some noise and then EQing to remove the worst of the OTT bass that had been added and tidy up the rest.

Interesting to hear Howard introduce What Is Love? as just "Love" first of all, before correcting himself - that was its original title (you can hear a very early version of the song if you read on to the bottom of the page!).

Anyway, the gig does sound nice and clear now, just a shame its a little short!  The show is available to download here.

New Song
Dreams Of A Better Place ((early version of Dream Into Action)
What Is Love?

And for those of you who have read to the end of this page - there's an extra freebie for you as a reward! ;-)

I came across some early Howard Jones demos, including a very early version of What is Love? The file says 1977 - can't tell you whether that's accurate or not but I thought it would be a nice little extra to throw in as this gig is quite short. Please note, I've not done anything with the sound on these, they are "as is" so a bit noisy and old sounding!

You can download the zip file containing 5 tracks here.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Show 101 - The Smiths - The Hacienda Manchester - 6 July 1983

The first time I've done a gig by The Smiths. This is from around the time they signed their record deal with Rough Trade, shortly after the release of their first single, Hand In Glove. This was a mono soundboard recording of their 2nd appearance at The Hacienda, with a lot of boomy mid range which was ok played quietly but got wearing on the ears after a while if the volume was up. So a good candidate for a cleanup!

I've done a "pseudo stereo" effect with it, then rebalanced the sound to keep it sounding more natural. Then, I removed hiss and some digital crackles and pops before EQ'ing it to remove that mid range boom, tighten up the bass end a bit and improve the clarity.

Unfortunately most of I Don´t Owe You Anything is marred (no pun intended) by some low level digital distortion - I guess that was generated when it was transferred from tape or vinyl to digital format. Its not unlistenable but just to make you aware its there - I was able to remove a bit but not most of it.

Despite that the finished result is a nice, clear recording which sounds great overall now. The show is available to download here.

Handsome Devil
Reel Around The Fountain
What Difference Does It Make?
Wonderful Woman
These Things Take Time
I Don´t Owe You Anything
Hand In Glove
Miserable Lie
Accept Yourself

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Show 100 - Depeche Mode - Paris Theatre London - 10 Feb 1982

Live and Loud! started in 2012 with a show by Depeche Mode, so it seems fitting that the 100th live show remaster is also by Depeche Mode! This time, a show recorded for the BBC back in early 1982 and the 3rd show I've done lately that was originally recorded for the Live In Concert series at the Paris Theatre (Dramatis and Fatal Charm being the others).

Like those, this is about half an hour long and comes from a point when Alan Wilder had just joined the band after Vince Clarke left. Featuring a mix of tracks from Speak and Spell, b-sides and 2 new tracks, See You and The Meaning of Love, this recording has had some noise removed, a couple of defects fixed and then EQ applied to make it sound nice and clear and bring out the bottom end a bit so the kick drum actually kicks a bit.

The show is available to download here.

I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
New Life
See You
Now, This Is Fun
Boys Say Go
The Meaning Of Love
What's Your Name?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Show 99 - Ultravox - Live on German TV - 1976 or 1977

This time we feature Ultravox with the soundtrack to an extremely rare performance on German TV. It's unusual because there’s almost no information about where it was recorded! It's generally only seen as a video or series of videos labeled “Rockpop 1976” - Rockpop was the name of a music programme on German TV but didn’t start until 1978! The setlist however, features only tracks from their 1st album (released in February 1977 along with 1 track Modern Love, which appeared as a free single with limited copies of their 2nd album Ha!Ha!Ha!, released in September 1977. The other 3 tracks are to this day, unreleased and not available anywhere else - so perhaps it's more likely that the recording dates from some time in 1977 (indeed, a couple of people have since suggested this is the case, 1 claim is that it was actually recorded in the UK in early 1977 and broadcast on German TV later - can't find a source for this to confirm and no further details forthcoming at the moment.

In any case, the recording is prized due to featuring those rare tracks. While it is quite short, remember this was originally from a VHS recording of a muddy sounding TV broadcast so I spent a lot of time on this - removing tiny gaps or breaks in the sound, before rebalancing the audio and EQing everything to bring out as much as possible. So vocals, drums, guitar and bass are all far clearer and separately identifiable - you can even hear Billy Currie's keyboards a bit more often now.

The show is available to download here.

Came Back Here to Meet You
Modern Love
Slip Away
TV Orphan
I Won’t Play Your Game
Wide Boys
Sat'day Night in the City of the Dead